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History of PQF

After Pete passed away on 23rd June 2010  and  managed to arrange a blue plaque for Pete to be placed at Fortismere (William Grimshaw sec mod),  the school where everything started. Returning from this event, I mentioned that it would be a good idea to use the school as a fund raiser.

I remembered how hard it was for Pete attending the dialysis clinic every other day for four hours, with nothing to do because everything in the clinic had to be sterile,  no books etc…. it would be a great idea to supply kindles, play stations and more (which can be sterilized)  to the children attending dialysis treatment.

The ensuing fund raiser was a great success, with some very good support not only from the amazing bands but from all the “behind the scenes” people too.

We have now launched our own Record label PQFMusic the sales and royalties being given to the foundation, this successful project is dear to our hearts as we support all good live music and do our best to promote the bands that give up their time to support us. This we can now do giving the bands a 'good airing' at our gigs and now publicizing them, promoting them and using our contacts releasing their music on CD