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Welcome to the

Pete Quaife Foundation*

Our Aim is to give children on dialysis treatment some means of enjoyment, interest or entertainment while undergoing their four hours of treatment three times weekly – providing equipment such as portable DVD players, Kindles etc that can be sterilized.To achieve this we arrange live music gigs and events and our own PQFMusic record label/publishing company supporting the bands that support us.

By supporting these you get your donations worth – lots of good music, great live gigs, fun and good memories.

All donations of all sorts are used to buy the things the children on dialysis have need for and what they want, we do not donate money thereby cutting the administration costs out – we deliver the goods personally to the child - we love excited, happy smiling faces!

Thank you for giving your time to read this.

 Dedicated to Pete Quaife 1943 - 2010

co-founder of The KinKs

Our latest CD release Terry Reid (super lungs)  and The Jigsaw Seen

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'The Lighter Side of Dialysis' book of cartoons by Pete Quaife

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Veritas a Rock and Roll Story - On Sale now! 
A semi-autobiographical of his times in The Kinks. Pete started his memoirs during 1980 and finished just before his passing. It is a book well worth reading about those times when Brit rock was a fledgling, the forming of a band and everything that went with it on the way to stardom
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